Antenatal care means how your health, and the health of your baby is monitored before your baby's delivery.Once you realize or suspect your pregnancy, you should make an appointment with your Doctor to discuss your antenatal care.

A sample of your urine is tested to confirm your pregnancy. Though, you may not need another pregnancy test if you have a positive result from a home test.


“Pregnancy is a gift from God and is an unparalleled privilege, for in pregnancy we cooperate with Him in the creation of a new human life with a human soul that will live forever”

Congratulations mamma-to-be for being pregnant, you are now going to have the most joyous experience a woman can have. Also remember to take good prenatal care during this precious time to have a healthy baby. So brace yourself for the bundle of joy coming your way. For a start, the most important thing you should concentrate on is eating rich.

Nutrition during Pregnancy - During Pregnancy you need 300 extra calories for you and your baby’s good health. What you eat & drink is the main source of nourishment for your baby; try to have a well balanced and healthy diet. You require not only calories, but also vitamins, minerals, iron, calcium and other essential minerals. Avoid overeating; instead have a healthy diet.

Hospitals Labour room is furnished with world class multi-position birthing bed, and all latest gadgets for a safe and comfortable delivery. For those who don’t want to experience any pain, epidural analgesia is offered. Apart from all the ultra modern facilities, the regular antenatal check up includes, counseling the right diet and exercise, antenatal classes and postnatal classes which are being offered. At our Hospital the whole journey into motherhood is an experience, giving you the feel of home away from home.