We have a team of highly skilled, academically qualified and experienced paediatricians, besides a group of other specialists to deliver top class health care to children. Our medical facilities and specialty care are of international standards, so we are able to translate the emerging technologies into highly advanced therapies in an adept manner.

Paediatrics, deals with the health and well being of newborn, infant, school age, and teens. Our health care in this space includes a range of services like determination of an existing illness, anticipatory guidance, treatment, preventive measures, and so on - depending on the age of the child.

Our baby well care services encompass careful monitoring and screening of the growth and screening for predetermined abnormalities, behavioural training, and nutritional advice.

Paediatrics provides primary paediatric care services for children. It provides enhanced high quality health care services to all children. Our Hospital is committed to providing innovation and excellence in child health care, through services like:

Care of child during illness
Recognition and management of emergencies
Regular health checkups
Immunisation services
Preventive health care
Breast feeding counselling
Play therapy